Santa Paws at Brontosaurus Saturday 9 December 2017

Santa Pet photos at Brontosaurus

Come and get your photo taken with Santa and your pet on Saturday 9 December from 10am. Call 66524308 to book.


Brontosaurus Pet of the Month

Lucky Arlo is our Pet of the Month.
Come on in store Arlo for your FREE dog wash!

Pet Rabbits

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Pet Rabbits

Pet Rabbits at Brontosaurus Pet Store Coffs Harbour.

We have beautiful pet rabbits at Brontosaurus Coffs Harbour. There are a variety of breeds such as:

  • Rex Rabbits with velvet fur
  • Dwarf Lops who are little & fluffy
  • Mini Lops
  • Netherland Dwarf Rabbits who are super tiny

We currently have little Netherland x Lop bunnies and Rex x Lop bunnies.

Please visit the shop to find out exactly which particular breeds we have in at the moment.

Rabbits are a great first pet as they are low maintenance and little so easy to handle.

So come in and watch the Bunnies at play at Brontosaurus Pet Store.


November 16, 2016




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