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guinea pig treats

5 Treats for a Happy Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs, also known as cavies from their scientific name Cavia porcellus, are fluffy, inquisitive little rodents. For many Australians, they are most likely either a first or second pet, and although they are quite easy to tame and foster a relationship with they also require a lot of attention and a healthy diet.

One way to conquer all of this is by providing them with something that most members of the animal kingdom really enjoy: treats.

Some guinea pig enthusiasts suggest that it’s not necessary to provide treats to guinea pig pets. But let’s face it, not only is it adorable to watch these little furballs nibble on small delicacies but nowadays there are several types of treats that provide essential nutrients, while also helping to keep their teeth trimmed – a result of being a rodent with non-stop growing teeth.

Here are five great cavy treats that will help any pocket pet owner have those non-quilty feel-goods.


Munchie Muffins

Munchie Muffins are a homemade-looking treat shaped like muffins. These treats are designed specifically for pocket pets and provide desired variety from their day to day routines (guinea pigs have their own personal schedule, too!). Even better, Munchie Muffins, which come in packs of four,  are 100% Australian made with no artificial preservatives or sugar.


Peckish Small Animal Treats

Peckish Small Animal Treats are designed as an all-natural, healthy treat for guinea pigs and other small animals. These are very popular because they don’t contain any artificial flavours or colours and they’re delicious. Their wholesome flavour is because they contain fresh grains and real vegetables. They come in a variety of options such as Carnival, Fiesta, Bonanza, and Dental.



Furry Face Small Animal Treats

Furry Face Small Animal Treats have a reputation for tempting even the fussiest of eaters. They are full of guinea pigs’ favourite fruits, grains, vegetables, and pellets leaving them loaded with nutrition and scrumptious flavour. Furry Face, an Australian Family Owned choice, also has porridge that is easy to digest for small animals that are lactating, injured, or convalescing or elderly.



Living World Small Animal Mineral Stone

The Living World Small Animal Mineral Stone is a great little chew treat that provides an excellent source of calcium. These gnawing stones are superbly helpful in keeping the guinea pig’s teeth trimmed and healthy. The mineral stones come in a variety of vegetable shapes such as corn cob and carrot.



Living World Nibblers

Since guinea pigs have an irresistible urge to chew for healthy, instinctive reasons, it’s essential to have these toys as part of a guinea pig’s collection of accessories.  The wide variety of Living World Nibblers available are made all-natural materials such as wood, loofah, willow, corn husk, and raffia. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours including brightly-coloured carrots and radishes, healthy wood sticks, and other types of fruits and vegetables. The food colourants are non-toxic making them safe to ingest.




Just as with any animal, giving guinea pigs treats in addition to their regular diet should be in smaller quantities. This is so that the nibbly little furball maintains a healthy weight and doesn’t become ill. However, guinea pigs love to eat, and they also love to chew. Knowing a few useful items to choose from makes a guinea pig owner a happy, educated pocket pet parent. You can find these items at most Just For Pets independent retailers.