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FREE bag of Greenies with any 13 or 15kg bag of Advance Dog Food.


Brontosaurus Pet of the Month

This is Barnsey & yes he is named after Jimmy. Barnsey is an Irish Wolfhound X and is the Brontosaurus Pet of the month -Come in Barnsey for your FREE dog wash this month.


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Brontosaurus recommends feeding your birds Birdzone

Natural, healthy foods for happy Birds!

 Birdzone produces a range of Premium Bird Foods from all natural, quality ingredients

Designed to give your Bird optimum Nutrition, with minimum fuss

* Daily Blends, Treats & Toys

* Vacuum Packaged for Freshness

* Easy to use, low waste


Fruit & Vegetables

All Fruit & Vegetables are carefully hand selected to ensure there are no blemishes or discolourations, and it is fresh !!
Where possible, we use spray free produce, and everything is thoroughly washed before processing.
In our Toppings, all the Fruit & Vegetables are dried without any additives or colourings or preservatives, the Food is completely natural.
Only Human Grade and where possible, Organic Nuts are used. These are usually purchased whole, to ensure quality, and then hand processed into smaller pieces where necessary.
All Grains used are Human Grade, and where possible, organically certified.
All Grains are inspected carefully prior to purchase, and we check for dust, dirt and pests. No Grains are accepted by us if there is any evidence of contamination.
So come in and have a chat to us about Birdzone and the benefits for your bird. Mention this post for 10% off your Birdzone purchase.