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winter warmth for pets

Brontosaurus’ tips to keep your pet warm

During the cooler months it is not just us humans that feel the cold, our dogs, cats, fish, birds and even hermit crabs are all affected by the cold chills!

We have put together a quick list to help keep your pets happy and healthy.

Avoid drafts – Make sure that your pets are not exposed to cold drafts at night, especially Fish, Birds, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs.

Check the temperature – For Fish and Hermit Crabs it is advisable to have a thermometer in your tank and monitor the temperature.  Heaters are a great way to keep your fish and hermies at a happy temperature, but check with our Pet Experts as they are two completely different types of heaters for each!

Feed a nutritious diet – Ensure your pets diet has more energy intake rather than fat content. Animals shouldn’t gain weight over winter; they should just maintain body condition. As your pet is burning more energy in winter to keep warm, it is important to make sure they have plenty of water.

Coat & Skin – It is during winter that your pet’s coat must be at its best, as this is when they need the insulation. Shorthaired breeds have short coats that do not insulate as well therefore they will need the extra protection of a coat. Pets still need to be washed in winter, however not as regularly. Don’t forget we have a DIY dog wash with nice warm water!

Be sure to speak to our Pet Experts for any other tips and ideas to help keep your pets warm, and remember, if it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pet!

By Janine Yates