Bronto Pudgy Pooch Challenge

weight loss challenge

Take the 8 week Bronto Pudgy Pooch Challenge.

We are looking for 10 dogs for the 8 week Pudgy Pooch Challenge to help get them in shape for Summer. We provide you with your first bag of food for free and at the end of the 8 weeks you get a pooch pack for completing the challenge.

NEW Hill’s™ Science Diet™ Perfect Weight which is a new breakthrough weight management technology that works in a different way to other weight loss pet foods.

Hill’s™ Science Diet™ Perfect Weight works to activate pets’ natural ability to burn fat and increase appetite control and is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients that put pets in calorie-burning mode.

If you think your pet is overweight ask us in store about Hill’s™ Science Diet™ Perfect Weight, which is available for both dogs and cats in a dry and canned formula.

Bronto’s Pudgy Pooch Challenge is our way of helping pets loose those kilos.

Millie Matilda

Brontosaurus Pet of the Month

Congratulations Millie, You are our Brontosaurus Pet of the Month. Millie is a Cavalier puppy who came in during the month to get some new toys and treats. Isn't she adorable! Come on in for your free dog wash Millie.


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safety for your pets

Christmas Safety Guide for your pets to keep them safe, happy and healthy during the festive season.

Items that look harmless on our lunch plate are not so innocent in our pets’ bowl. No cooked bones, fat trimmings, chocolate, nuts or onions! Although it might seem natural to give a dog a bone, it is very dangerous, as it can be a choking hazard, and even splinter and cause an obstruction or laceration in your dog’s digestive system. Don’t let your pet indulge just because its Christmas.

Pine tree needles, mistletoe, plastic Christmas trees, tinsel, baubles, and glitter, are all innocent in appearance, yet dangerously poisonous to our pets. These can cause mouth irritation, vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, difficulty breathing, collapse, hallucinations and possibly death when ingested.

If you are putting up Christmas lights or lighting candles, make sure they are out of reach for our pets. Electrical cords seem like very good chew toys to our pets, however we know how dangerous they can be if they were to chew on a live cord. Candles can also be easily tipped over and hot wax can spill, so best to keep those out of harms way.

Many of us love to dress up our pets to have them looking in the Christmas spirit, but it is important to avoid outfits with ribbon, bells, or any dangly, detachable item that your pet could rip off and choke on. If you are going to dress your pet, make sure you don’t have them dressed for too long. Christmas is typically a hot day in Australia so our pets won’t enjoy the extra layer for too long, and we don’t want to make their bodies work too hard to stay cool.

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