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Nail trimming is an important part of your pets grooming routine. How often you should cut your pets nails varies depending on whether they are an indoor or outdoor pet. If your pet is indoors, you may find they will need a monthly trim, but if they are outdoors they may wear them down somewhat naturally on rough surfaces.

Nail Trimming Success

-Don’t rush, take your time to get through all the toes.

-Bring treats into the equation. This helps your pet associate trimming with something they love.

-Choose your clippers: there are two types available, a scissor and guillotine type. We recommend the guillotine type because it has a stationary hole which helps to stabilise the nail and a blade that moves to cut the nail when you squeeze the handle.

-Prep your pet: It can help to get your pet used to you handling their paws prior to attempting to clip their nails. Combining the experience with a great tummy rub has only ever made things easier.

What happens when you allow your pets nails to grow too long:

  • They can split, break or bleed
  • They can get caught and tear
  • They can curl into your pets paw pads uncomfortably

If you are not comfortable clipping your pets nails, come into Brontosaurus & ask one of our staff to help!