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Brontosaurus Pet of the Month

This is Barnsey & yes he is named after Jimmy. Barnsey is an Irish Wolfhound X and is the Brontosaurus Pet of the month -Come in Barnsey for your FREE dog wash this month.


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Microchipping your pet is a way to permanently identify your pet and you as their owner. The chip which is implanted in between your dog or cats shoulder blades and is only the size of a grain of rice contains a 15 digit number with your details. Should your pet become lost or injured they can be easily identified by a swipe of a microchip scanner in a vet surgery, your local RSPCA or here at Brontosaurus. In NSW it is mandatory to have your dog or cat microchipped.

An identification tag attached to the collar is also another great way to ensure that if your furry friend gets lost they get returned to you. All the detail that is needed is your pets name and your phone number. Our little girl has one on and it has helped her find her way home a number of times. We love ID tags!

So make sure your pet is microchipped as it is a legal requirement and secondly we highly recommend an Identification Tag to ensure your pet is always returned to you!

Some come into Brontosaurus to get your ID Tag.