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As people we rely heavily on identification documents to prove who we are. Our pets should have similar documentation which can help them in times of being lost or injured.

Important documentation for your pet includes:

Microchip Papers – this allows for the local and state councils, animal shelters and vets to track the identification number of your pet and look up your contact information so you are able to claim your pet back. It is a good idea to register your pet on both your state and national registry, so if your dog happens to go missing during your holidays, your dog has a higher chance of being returned to you.

Vaccination Papers – a record of the vaccinations your pet has had are used when you have a change of vets or if you choose to take your pet overseas.

Medical History – keeping a record of any past or present medical conditions, medications your pet is on and their dosage can help in the case of an emergancy.

Emergency Contact Details – Name, address, telephone number of your local vet, and emergency after-hours vet.

A Copy Of Your Pets Tags – photocopy your pets tags, so you can provide a description for identification purposes if your dog is to become lost.

Recent Photograph – as your pet ages growing from being a puppy or kitten to an adult, their looks and marking can shift. Keeping updated photographs will help your identifcation process.

Adoption Papers – for proof of ownership when you need to claim your pet back from pet shelters, pounds or someone who may have found your pet.

Identifying Marks – Identifying marks could be ‘black spots on elbows’, ‘a freckle under the left paw’ or even a ‘missing back tooth’. Your pet may have a tatoo from being desexed, so keep a photograph of this also.

Pet Profile For Moving House – If you are renting, it is a great idea to have a pet profile to submit along with your formal rental application. This can give your potential landlord a chance to see what type of personality and behaviour your pet has, and may quash any fears he or she may have about having a pet in their rental property.

Keep all of your pets documentation filed in a recognisable folder, in an easy to reach place that can be grabbed at a moments notice. It is also a good idea to keep a copy of the documents at your vet.

Your pets documentation can be important in situations such as:


-Boarding your pet

-When you have a pet sitter

-Pet day care

Note: A great way to keep track of your pets upcoming vaccinations, worming, tick and flea treatments, medications (if applicable), and health appointments is to set phone calendar reminders as you would for yourself.