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Beware – Never leave pets in the car on warm days. While temperatures outside may seem cool enough to leave your pet in the car, be aware that the temperatures inside your car may double within the time you are away.

As the summer approaches daily temperatures start to rise. Make sure you are well educated about how the temperature outside effects the temperature inside of your car. At 21 degrees it may seem suitable to leave your pets in the car while you run an errand, but after 30 min  the inside car temp reaches a boiling 40 degrees! Even when you crack windows the inside of the car heats up quick.

Many people who deeply care about their pet think they are doing the dog or cat a favor by bringing them on errands and quick trips in the car, but in all truth you are doing your furry friend a favor by leaving them at home. Each year numerous dogs die from heat stroke because of being left in cars. Heat strokes have been known to occur in less than 15 minutes so if you say ‘ill just be a minute’ you are still putting your pet at risk. Please don’t let your loved ones be a victim and do him or her a favor by allowing them to stay at home on warm days.

Also, please help educate all your family and friends about the dangers of leaving thier pets in cars. Together with education we can save lives.

Check out the chart below to get a better idea of how the outside temperatures effect the inside of your car.



car tempatures