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NexGard has Arrived at Brontosaurus! NexGard is the first flea and tick protection available to dogs in a simple, tasty chew. Plus, you will only have to give this preventative once a month since it will protect your dog for the entire month from fleas and ticks (including the deadly paralysis tick).  At this time this product is ONLY available for dogs but is safe to use around cats.

If you seem to have a problem keeping track of which week you need to give your other bi-weekly preventative, then NexGard may be a great option for you. Also, if you have a dog that loves the beach or water, Nexgard is your answer to keeping preventative on your dog since it wont wash off.

Packages are available in Brontosaurus stores or are available to purchase online.

Remember with any tick preventative is it still important to check your dog regularly for ticks. If you ever find a tick on your dog quickly remove it and contact your vet.


Chews are available in 3 packs or 6 packs. The chews are available in four different size based on Weight.

  • Very Small Dogs:  2 – 4 kg
  • Small Dog: 4.1 – 10 kg
  • Medium Dog: 10.1 – 25 kg
  • Large Dog: 25.1 – 50 kg
    • Dogs over 50kg can be administered the appropriate combination of chewables that can be determined by staff

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. How old or large does a dog have to be to take Nexgard?
    • Dogs that are greater then 2kg and from 8 weeks of age
  2. What flavor is the chew treat?
    • Beef
  3. Does this chew need to be taken with food?
    • No, you can give this chew anytime. Studies have shown more dogs are accepting of this treat and have less vomiting then other oral flea treatments currently in the market. (only 5% of dogs rejected the chew tab)
  4. Do I need to give multiple doses each month to make sure my dog is protected from paralysis ticks?
    1. No, only one tablet at the same time every month will keep giving your dog continuous protection against all Australian ticks.