free dental treats

FREE bag of Greenies with any 13 or 15kg bag of Advance Dog Food.

Aston & Martin

Brontosaurus Pet of the Month

The gorgeous duo Aston & Martin are the Brontosaurus Pets of the month - both too cute to decide which one was the winner so we chose both!! They look so comfortable in their amazing Australian made Snooza bed!


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pet magazine

Paws Magazine for Pet Care has been promoting pet awareness since 2009.

Paws Magazine is a seasonal magazine with everything you need to know to care for your  pet.

In this edition you will fins lots of interesting articles including

The Reality of Dental Disease

Land Hermit Crabs; an exotic pet for beginners

In the Horses Mouth;

Just for Kids enter our colouring contest.

The Silent Fish Killer.

You can download the Autumn/Winter edition by clicking the link below.