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The first sign that your pet is slowing down is the first sign that you may need to switch food.

•One in five dogs have a joint health issues or mobility problems1, and

•Joint and mobility problems are common concerns reported by dog owners

If you have noticed that your dog has slowed down or become less active, it may be time to consider changing your dog’s diet.

Small to medium dogs are considered seniors at the age of 7 years and large breeds at the age of 5 years. However, mobility problems are not necessarily related to ageing.

If any of the points below apply to your dog, he or she may have a greater risk of joint health issues:

•Large or giant breeds such as the German Shepherd, Labrador, Great Dane

•Small or medium breed that is highly active or with short, bent legs or elongated bodies such as Dachshund, Corgie

•Active working or athletic dog, such as Greyhound, Kelpie, Cattle Dog, or

•Any dog carrying too much weight

Come in & talk to us about the range of diets precisely formulated to provide your dog of any size with the support needed for enhanced active mobility.


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