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Brontosaurus Pet of the Month

This is Barnsey & yes he is named after Jimmy. Barnsey is an Irish Wolfhound X and is the Brontosaurus Pet of the month -Come in Barnsey for your FREE dog wash this month.

Well… Hello!
Brontosaurus / a real pet store locally owned and independent where you can find your family pet and all your supplies.

Happy, healthy pets are our purpose and passion. We strive to offer great friendly service and expert advice. Brontosaurus is an independent retailer that is locally owned and operated by a local family who have a passion for pets. Brontosaurus is part of “just for pets” retail group which is the largest group of independent pet retailers in Australia. The store has also been awarded “retailer of the year for 2014” among  the just for pets retailers.

Brontosaurus staff is made up of skilled employees with various backgrounds whom have a wide range of areas of expertise. Need to speak to a fish expert or a dog trainer or a vet nurse? Brontosaurus is the place to go to seek free advice!

Our expert staff offers  free pet health checks at our pet health centre which is a six-point pet health check that will conclude with an overview of your pet’s health. Topics include nutrition, weight, skin, joint mobility, dental health and behaviour. Our experienced and highly trained staff are pet experts and can also refer pet owners to local vets. Appointments are available every day. Call to make an appointment.

In addition to these services, brontosaurus also offers dog washing, nail clipping, aquarium maintenance, puppy preschool and dog training. The shop is one of the largest pet retailers in the region and holds a great collection of aquarium products, pet foods, reptile products, reptile food, and various small animal needs. You can also meet your new furry or feathered family member at brontosaurus. Puppies, kittens, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and fish are all available for adoption! Brontosaurus works with a local rescue group and has their rescue kittens and dogs/puppies up for adoption in shop.

Become a member!
If you become a member of Brontosaurus you will receive a 5% discount voucher every time you shop and get other bonuses such as your 9th bag free of premium dog & cat food including Royal Canin, Advance, Hills Science Diet! We have a cat litter & dog wash loyalty program & regular VIP only deals with 20% OFF days.
It is a free membership. Sign up on our VIP page or inquire in store.
Pets love their day trips to brontosaurus – pets are welcomed in shop! We look forward to seeing you and your pet on your next visit to Brontosaurus Pet Store Coffs Harbour! X
Say hi to the gang!
Jock + Prue

Brontosaurus is owned and operated by a local Coffs harbour family, the fishers. You will frequently see jock and Prue and their two children in the shop! The family has a huge passion for pets and has made mass improvements to brontosaurus since purchasing it in 2012. They have focus on making the store become a place where people can come to seek friendly assistance and expert advice in order to help our local pets live healthy and happy lives. They also make emphasis on maintaining high animal care standards in shop. They treat the animals at brontosaurus as their own and have even made additions to their family along the way by adding 2 adorable pups, 2 rabbits, a hand raised parrot and some fish. The family’s love for animals goes beyond the shop and their home; it is shared with the community as well. Brontosaurus is a big supporter and contributor to local rescue groups and local charities.

Store manager

Many of you already know Katie, Brontosaurus’ store manager! Katie has been with brontosaurus for almost 14 years and knows many of you Bronto visitors by name. With all this time in the pet industry, Katie is an expert with her product knowledge and can offer great advice on how effective the products really are and knows how to match specific pets with the right items. If you are looking for something in particular we don't have, Katie will go out of her way to find a supplier and give you the products you are after. Katie also has gained great knowledge from her own pets which include a boxer, 2 rabbits and a beautiful fish pond. Katie’s two little girls have always enjoyed coming into brontosaurus with their mom and they are on their way to becoming little pet experts!

Pet Care Adviser

Meet Aime. Owning four parrots ranging in size from small to large in both body and attitude, a large Bull Mastiff cross and an Oscar fish keeps me busy! I have finished my animals studies, veterinary nursing and companion animal services certificates, all of which have left me with the knowledge on how best to help you and your pets.<br /> I have worked the past nine years in retail and still love meeting and helping new people every day.<br />

Pet care expert

Meet Emily who is one of our newest team members. Emily has loads of experience in retail and loves excellent customer service and tidying. She describes herself as a clean freak! She is the proud parent of a Brontosaurus Baby.

Fish expert

Fish man Craig is fairly well known around Coffs harbour for his wealth of knowledge of the fish industry. He started work in pet shops as a young lad and eventually turned his passion into a professional career. He has worked as an aquarist for Australian customs with fish import/export and has worked for large fish companies such as pisces aquatics. He has also managed multiple pet shops and aquarium shops. He not only knows an astronomical amount about fish but he also has a wide range of knowledge about birds, reptiles and all our four legged pets. If you have a question about fish don’t go anywhere else but Brontosaurus and ask for Craig.

Dog trainer

Say hello to Kim! Kim is brontosaurus’ resident dog trainer. She has her certificate 3 in dog training & behaviour. Her knowledge base extends from helping with puppy training to assisting with a large range of behavioural issues. She has past experience with training service dogs and assisting rescue dogs with behaviour issues including her own little rescue dogs, Zoe and bruno. If you have a behavioural question pop in shop to speak with Kim. Also, Kim is a volunteer for wires (local wildlife rescue group) so you can speak with her about our native wildlife behavioural issues as well!

Pet care expert

Meet Maya who is one of our Juniors. Maya is learning the ropes at Brontosaurus and has been with the team for nearly 2 years. Maya and her family are the proud pet parents of a Brontosaurus baby, Roxy, the Labradoodle. Maya is always bright and bubbly and always happy to help people with their pets.


Bailey is the newest member to join Brontosaurus Pets. He is a bit of a fish nerd so happy to help with anything fishy. He is excited to be part of the team and to provide exceptional service to our amazing pet customers!