Red Hen Chook Food

Red Hen Free Range and Premim Layer

We are excited to be stocking Red Hen Poultry Foods!!

Red Hen Free Range Layer 20kg $29.95

Red Hen Seventeen Premium Layer 20kg $27.95

Red Hen Scratch Mix 20kg $27.95


Brontosaurus Pet of the Month

Congratulations Ned you cute puppy, you are our Brontosaurus Pet of the Month. Come in for your free dog wash!!

Hand Raised Lorikeets

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Hand Raised Lorikeets

Hand Raised Lorikeets are available for sale at Brontosaurus Pet Store Coffs Harbour.

Lorikeets are a particularly cheeky bird with loads of personality. They love human company.

Cockatiels will thrive on a diet of Lori Wet & Lori Dry & fresh fruit & vegetables. Make sure that they always have plenty of fresh water available.

It is best to give your new pet a day to settle into their new surrounds so limit handling them.

Come in & see the staff at Brontosaurus and we would love the help you with choosing the right pet for you & your family


December 6, 2016




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