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Pet Budgies

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Pet Budgies

Pet Budgies at Brontosaurus Pet Store.

Budgie is the nickname of Budgerigar.

Budgies are social animals and require stimulation in the shape of toys and interaction with humans or with other budgies.

Tame budgies can be taught to speak, whistle and play with humans. Both males and females sing and can learn to mimic sounds and words and do simple tricks, but singing and mimicry are more pronounced and better perfected in males. Males can easily acquire vocabularies ranging from a few dozen to a hundred words. Pet males, especially those kept alone, are generally the best speakers.

Budgies live an average of five to eight years depending on breed, lineage, and health, being highly influenced by exercise and diet.

Exercise is one of the key ingredients to keeping your budgie healthy & happy so provide them with a variety of perches, toys to0 climb and a spacious cage.

Diet is also key to a happy & healthy Budgie. We recommend a mix of fresh fruit & vegetables, seed & pellets. Budgies also love millet spray & cuttlebone.

Budgies make a lovely pet & a great buddy.


October 7, 2016