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Protect your dog this Summer with Petway Petcare’s top 4 tips for protecting your fur babies in the summer months.


Dogs will keep playing as long as their owners keep throwing the ball. Ensure exercise and play time is done in parks offering shade or resort to early morning or late afternoon sessions which are best because it is cooler and keep dogs out of direct sunlight in the heat of the day. Lower the intensity or swap a walk for a swim to keep the dogs exercised but cool. We also recommend carrying a portable water bowl at all times to ensure easy access to water.


Heat stress is a regular occurrence in dogs during summer and is caused by over exercise, dehydration and more prominent in dogs that are overweight. Signs of heat stress include weakness, excessive panting, snorting, drooling and increased heart rates – if you notice your dog acting like this immediately seek shade, cold water and wet the pads of their paws, apply cool wet towels to the belly.


When we get hot we can take off a layer of clothing but our dogs don’t have this luxury. We recommend shorter coats to help keep the dog cool and regular brushing to remove excess undercoat from long coated and double coated breeds. Washing of dogs should become more regular in summer to keep dogs fresh, clean and comfortable and also protect them from fleas, ticks and lice.

Always choose a shampoo that is soap free and pH balanced for your animal’s sensitive skin and don’t contain parabens or phosphates. Human shampoo products are not suitable for dogs. Looking for products that are made with naturally based ingredients and made in Australia will also ensure a high quality product. Petway Petcare tick all these boxes.

Understanding your dog’s skin type is very important when deciding on a shampoo. For normal skin types an everyday shampoo and conditioner will be fine. We suggest Petway Petcare Everyday Pink Shampoo and Conditioner with a long lasting fragrance or Petway Petcare Aroma Care Shampoo for people who like pure steam distilled essential oils of lavender and chamomile.

If your dog suffers from irritated or sensitive skin, always look for products that are specially made for sensitive skin, are hypo-allergenic, tearless and low allergen. We suggest Petway Petcare Gentle Protein Shampoo and Conditioner or Petway Petcare Tearless Puppy Shampoo. For dogs with dry, scaly and very irritated skin we highly recommend Petway Petcare Skin Care Shampoo containing Pine Tar, Neem Oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.

Don’t forget to use a Conditioner to soften and revitalise the coat and add moisture to the skin. After bathing or between washes we suggest a Cologne Coat Gloss to add shine and lustre to the coat and a fresh fragrance. Choose from Coconut, Baby Powder, Floral Musk and many more.


Flea and Ticks are a common problem we have to deal with any time of the year but summer is certainly the season that we need to ensure we use more preventative measures to make sure our furry friends are either not affected or treated immediately to ensure they are not uncomfortable for long periods.

Be more aware of your dog’s behaviour and continually check the coat for any problem areas. If an animal appears to be scratching or biting at one particular area on their coat there are a few reasons why. Firstly it could be a tick, if so this should be removed immediately and treated by a veterinarian if thought to be a paralysis tick. Symptoms of paralysis tick include wobbly hind legs, unsteady on feet, change in bark, loss of appetite, excess saliva, coughing, vomiting, dry retching, lying on side with laboured breathing.

Another reason is fleas. As fleas can be hard to detect, irritated areas could be caused from a dog chewing and scratching an area due to flea bites. This can lead to bleeding and infection and again Veterinary treatment required. A visit to the Vet should be the last thing on any animal owners mind when prevention is simple. Look out for the Cotex range of APVMA Registered Flea & Tick Kill products.