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bird play

Ami loves her birds and has some great easy bird enrichment ideas about how to keep your bird entertained and enriched ensuring a happy and health life for them.

Keeping your parrot entertained can become a little tricky and repetitive. Finding fresh, new and exciting ways to enrich your birds life doesn’t have to be hard. It can often be done with things you already have around your home. A favourite in my household is stuffed capsicums. Super easy to make and suited to all sized birds.

First you just cut the top of the capsicum and remove the insides with a spoon. Set them aside because they can be used later. Cut a few peep holes in the sides of the capsicum. If this is your birds first time make sure the holes are large enough that they can see all the goodies inside!
Fill the capsicum with your birds favourite treats. Fresh fruit, popcorn, pellets, cornflakes and nuts are a good start.
Pop the top back on and you’re done!
Easy, affordable and good for your bird.