Introducing Royal Canin Canine Pouches

wet dog food

Launching this month is Royal Canin Wet Dog Food Pouches. These are so popular for our cat customers and I'm sure your pooch will love them just as much too!

DEAL: Buy a 2kg bag of food and get 6 FREE pouches or buy a large bag of food and get a FREE box.

Landing in store 14th March 2019.


Brontosaurus Pet of the Month

Meet Buttercup who is our Brontosaurus Pet of the month for March! She is one lucky and very loved bunny! Congratulations Buttercup, come on in for your free rabbit treat! #pets #brontosauruspets #coffscoast #coffsharbour #welovepets #coffsnsw #petofthemonth #brontobaby


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venemous snakes

what to look for if you think your pet has been bitten by a snake

Snake_poster_2009.pdfThis glorious warm weather also brings some not some desirable guests to our backyards, snakes!

It is a natural reaction for our domesticated pets to sniff out new visitors in the yard and unfortunately those inquisitive faces often become the quick target for snake bites.

Be vigilant and understand the signs of a snake bite in cats and dogs:

• Sudden weakness followed by collapse
• Bleeding puncture wound
• Swelling in the bitten area
• Pain and discomfort
• Neurological signs such as twitching, drooling and shaking
• Vomiting
• Loss of bladder and bowel control
• Dilated pupils
• Paralysis.

If you think your animal has been bitten contact a vet immediately. The chances of recovery are much greater if treatment is delivered early. If you can’t get veterinary attention immediately, applying a pressure bandage over and around the bite site can help slow the venom spreading to the heart, and try to keep your pet as calm as possible.