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Winter Joint Pain is something that can not be ignored. The cold winter days are having a greater effect on your older dog or cat then you may think. Cold weather tends to enhance joint pain of animals that suffer from osteoarthritis. Medical specialists do not know why this happens yet some theorize it may be from atmospheric pressure changes but nothing has been confirmed.  Sometimes the signs of osteoarthritis in pets are hard to detect.  It is estimated that 20-30% of adult dogs and 10-20% of adult cats suffer from Osteoarthritis.

As an owner, caring for your pets joints is as important as caring for your own.  Maintaining healthy joints and managing arthritis in pets can be done by incorporating controlled exercise and weight management as well as providing nutrient support for joint cartilage health and pain relief management for pets with more advanced symptoms.

Pain relief and nutrient support can be achieved by offering Pure Animal Wellbeing’s Osteosupport and Osteocare. These offer a natural, effective and affordable way to provide joint and arthritis care. You can also try Pernaease Power which also aids in the treatment of arthritic symptoms.

Get them back up to their old tricks by trying these supplements. No one wants to live in pain so why should your pet.